Master Director Mary Hager

Mary Hager’s passion for harmony singing gives Rhythm of the Rockies its reputation for energy and enthusiasm.

Mary began directing in 1999 and went on to become the charter director of ROTR in 2002. She has been a member of three different choruses, several quartets, and has held the roles of vocal production coach, show chair, script writer/ producer, Management Team member, Regional Education Faculty member, Choreographer, Assistant Director, and now Master Director! Mary draws from a broad spectrum of musical experience, including piano and voice lessons as well as music education courses, and holds a degree in Education. Mary is quick to add, “I’ve received much more useful information on all the elements of singing well from Sweet Adeline courses and coachings than from any other source.”

“I love teaching and performing, and Rhythm has allowed me free reign to pursue both passions”, she says.

Mary’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Every Rhythm of the Rockies rehearsal is filled with music, energy and laughter!