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Honolulu Experience - Shannon Neumann

Originally Published:  December 8, 2013


We are all so very grateful for the support of everyone in Region 26, especially everyone who came to cheer us on up on stage! The energy was palpable! How does one put 18 days (lucky me!) of pure bliss into 150 words? :-) Here is my attempt.

After 17 years with Sweet Adlinenes I’ve been to a lot of Regional Competitions, but I’ve only experienced Internationals twice— and once was here in Calgary. I’ve always wanted to join a group of my friends in Rhythm of the Rockies and go to Internationals again, but I figured I’d wait till it was somewhere I’ve always wanted to Hawaii....

It hadn’t occurred to me that I would be going to Hawaii, with the whole chorus, as a competitor in the Harmony Classic!! And what an experience it was! There was something magical in the journey we all shared. We loved our Film Noir package and were so fortunate to work on it with some of the best coaches in the organization. We felt that no matter where we placed in the competition, we had already won, just by the honour of being one of the top 5 midsized chorus’ in the world. As I floated up to the stage to collect my first place medal I recall turning around to ask my fellow chorus members “Did we really just win!?” The excitement of winning is something we all work towards and something any chorus can achieve. I can’t wait till it’s our turn again!

Mahalo Hawaii!!


Shannon Neumann

Rhythm of the Rockies