Summers end...

Rhythm of the Rockies started the summer with a smokin' performance at the end of the ride for the 12 Stop Motorcycle Ride for Fresh Start Recovery Centre.  Our Flash Mob start was a hit with a great crowd and a wonderful organization. 

On Canada Day we were honoured to sing for the Citizenship Ceremony at Heritage Park  welcoming 75 new Canadians and then performing in the sunshine on the busy grounds of Heritage Park. 

Summer rehearsals making our own adventures included Hawaii night and an evening getting into the spirit of lady Gaga as we took on the challenge of Edge of Glory.

After a hot and sunny summer the risers are full again as members return from their holidays.  We are back in full swing and, along with some wonderful new members, Rhythm began the learning process on another contestable song and continued to warm up our Christmas repertoire. Our quartets are putting in extra time on their Christmas numbers while our newer members are working hard to learn our existing repertoire. Busy, busy times!

Rhythm is hosting the Region 26 Educational Symposium in October and Mia, Aubrey and Eileen have done a fantastic job working with the region to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We have several members heading to Baltimore in November to watch and enjoy SAI International Convention. They'll be taking notes for our 2015 experience when we take the stage in Las Vegas- it's going to be a busy and exciting time until then.

Watch for Rhythm of the Rockies at the Spruce Meadows Christmas Market, Cantares Christmas Concert for the Calgary Boys and Girls Club and the Knox Carol Festival for the Calgary Food Bank.