Deke Sharon online with Rhythm!

If there is ever a time to let out a "squeee", this is it! We are so thrilled that the fabulous Deke Sharon joined Rhythm of the Rockies and guests this evening. For those of you who don't yet know Deke, he is most famous as the Musical Director for the popular movie series, Pitch Perfect, and producer of the TV show competition, The Sing Off . This singer, arranger, composer, producer, writer, and teacher has been referred to as "the father of contemporary a cappella music".

This evening, the subject he delivered was about "Improved Tuning". This is a dream topic for anyone who sings a cappella! He delighted us with wisdom about the four dimensions of sound and how they relate to the type of 4-part harmony a cappella we sing. Since we are a competitive and eager women's barbershop chorus, we inhaled as much information as we could! We are looking forward to the time when we can rehearse together and incorporate the things we learned in this very educational session. In the meantime, we will be working on techniques and recommendations individually in preparation for our return to chorus life on the risers. We won't forget his message that singing together uniquely keeps us together even when our world may feel disrupted.

For more information about Deke Sharon, click here. To view a list of his highly regarded books about a cappella and harmony, click here.