Joey Minshall in our house!

Well, okay, Joey wasn't physically in our house but she was educating us this evening over Zoom! She was in each of our homes tonight! How enjoyable! She has visited us as our "keynote" coach a number of times over the years and tonight we are doing a music study on the songs Moondance (Van Morrison) and As Long as I'm Singing (Bobby Darin). In our chorus, we love studying the technical details, the style, the nuances of a cappella songs so our hearts and minds are wonderfully full tonight. Thank you Joey!

So who is Joey Minshall? She hails from British Columbia, Canada and is well-known in the barbershop and a cappella world as a Master Arranger. She has been a chorus and quartet singer over the years. is also a song writer, composer and certified music therapist. Her creative and interesting arrangements have been performed and recorded by groups in Canada, US, Sweden, Germany, England, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Dubai, Saudi Arabia. She has arranged 3- and 4-part harmony songs like: Edge of Glory, When I Sing, Lean on Me, Canadian Medley, Moves Like Jagger and more!  Find more about her music at:


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