Rhythm members perform Ukrainian Anthem


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With war in Ukraine still raging on, our chorus wanted to do something to show our love and support for the people whose lives have been so adversely affected. A small group of members got together to learn and sing an A cappella arrangement of the Ukrainian National Anthem.

Rhythm of the Rockies’ Director, Jo-Anne Killips, as well as our video producer, Donna Stefura, are first-generation Ukrainian Canadian descendants. Additionally, there are many others of us who have ties to Ukraine. The majority of us have never read, sung or spoken Ukrainian, so our pronunciation may not be accurate but our efforts were heartfelt. 

This a cappella version was a compilation of individual recordings of approximately 10 Rhythm of the Rockies members. Special thanks and recognition go to one of our very talented members, Donna Stefura. It was her concept, creative vision, leadership, management, and audio and video production skills that brought the entire project to completion. 

Ukrainian National Anthem ©2022 arranged by Jay Dougherty