20 Years for Rhythm of the Rockies

Rhythm of the Rockies just celebrated their 20th anniversary! It’s hard to believe it has been that long because we've been having so much fun! 
The "little chorus that could" became a formal, charter chorus with Sweet Adelines International back in April of 2002 under the direction of Mary. And on Nov 5th, we celebrated this milestone and the retirement of our founding director in style at the lovely Silver Springs Golf and Country Club here in Calgary. Even though many roads were treacherous, and the snowfall was heavy, almost 100 guests joined in the festivities.

We were graced by the presence of some of our charter members from 20 years ago, and even the original 7 women who started the chorus in a basement. It literally started in someone’s basement! There was really no place to go but up and up this chorus went – one beautifully mastered song at a time. In fact, the very first song that was performed was written by Mary Hager and it was called “Big Hair”! So apropos for Sweet Adelines in the early 2000s.  We learned about members "adopting" songs by providing the chorus funds to pay for the rights to learn and sing A Cappella arrangements. We also learned that individuals and groups donated money for chorus risers. We enjoyed stories over a lovely catered dinner with current and past members, friends and family. Then, the guests were treated to a program that included some new, and old, songs performed by Rhythm of the Rockies. We were also entertained by a number of quartets, including Kaleidoscope, and On Another Note.  Over video, we were joyfully entertained by Ambrosia, No Strings, and Third Time Lucky. Many of the songs dedicated to our lovely Mary. And a special evening for Rhythm wouldn't be complete without Mary directing us in an A Cappella song special to our hearts - The River (Garth Brooks). 

The entire banquet room was elegantly decorated with in red, black and white. There were mannequins displaying our competition wardrobe; photo albums and scrapbooks. Our amazing organizers/members  set up numerous video screens throughout the hall with photos and videos of our 20 years. There was even a very special display honouring members who had sadly passed away. Our hearts miss you: Monique Foucher, Brenda Johnston, Elaine Rapkowski, and Peggy Hart.

We had a great team of current and former members who organized this successful evening. A special thanks to Vickie Walter, Eileen DeFreitas, Kathy Helfrick, Michelle Vickers, Ryan Vickers, Twyla Murray, Laurie Paul-Fishleigh and all the volunteers: Mary Engler, Veronica Bleackley, Jenny Wagner, Phil Gelinas, Donna Stefura Tickets and invites, Ryan Vickers for Video and tech, Peter Hodgkinson photographer, Perry Vickers, Steven Fishleigh. Thank you for creating a such a fantastic event!

What a wonderful way to celebrate our past and begin our next 20 years. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years!