Rhythm of the Rockies is off to the races!

Rhythm of the Rockies has enjoyed an exciting start to 2014!  Fresh off the heels of their First Place win at the Harmony Classic this past November, they dove into a three day coaching session with Vickie Maybury, and then enjoyed another three days with Judy Pozsgay.  The tips, tricks, techniques and tools shared by these experienced and passionate Sweet Adelines will help propel ROTR to their Regional Competition being held in Surrey, BC, during the first weekend of May.


ROTR held a Friends and Family Night on Tuesday, April 22, and it was thrilling to see so many appreciative and supportive people in the audience!  The evening began with performances by several of ROTR's groups, including a trio and 3 quartets, and the night was rounded out by an enthusiastic ROTR performance of our Regional contest package.  Thank you to our entire team, and to our family members and co-workers, who make the fulfillment of our dreams possible and achievable.  Without your assistance, love, expertise, leadership and support, we would not be able to do what we do!


Rhythm of the Rockies is off to the races this coming weekend, and can't wait to cheer on and support our Region 26 Sweet Adeline sisters!  We wish all the competitors the best of luck, health and wellness, as we gather to share our passion for a cappella music.  Safe travels and sweet success to all!