What a Ride!

What a Ride!

The sunshine and springtime weather on the other side of the Rockies were a welcome treat after our long Calgary winter.  Members arrived at the Sheraton in Surrey BC ready to take in the events of the regions 'That's Entertainment' contest.

Thursday night we joined a full house for First Night, sang a few regional songs and celebrated the participation of our own, Rose Wightman in the Spirit of 26.  

What a surprise to Rhythm members on Friday when the education class led by Corinna Garriock from Lions Gate / Martini Quartet, featured our Hawaii package as her example of  'How to Build a Package'. Huge kudos to the ladies on our creative team.  On Friday we were proud to have our chorus represented in the quartet competition by Viva!  The hard work of Lauren, Yuko, Wendy and Sami showed through in  their usual entertaining style.   

With our late placement in the chorus contest schedule on Saturday, we started the day off with a group breakfast and rehearsal.  Toasting Viva! for their great job onstage and Kari presented us with an inspirational moment before we headed to the stage. Next all the fuss and excitement of hair and eyelashes - our newer members handling it all like seasoned veterans. We started the traffic pattern and had visits from Sandy Marron and Judy Poszgay with well wishes along the way.

Striking our Wonder Woman pose we took the stage behind a closed curtain at the Chandos Pattison Auditorium.  It was time to see if all of our practice and hard work would pay off.

As usual, the fastest 6 minutes of the year flew by as we gave it our all for the uptune and ballad to a highly appreciative crowd.  Off to the balcony to compare our experiences and await the results.  Things moved along quickly and with a score of 629 points we had won the Division AA contest breaking our score last year by an amazing 25 points and taking second place overall to Lion's Gate. 

The energy was high as we showed off our Show of Champions package.  The audience couldn't help sense the excitement and joy of the night. 

The next few weeks were full on anticipation and excitement. We knew that we were not eligible for Harmony Classic in the 2015 because we are current champions from our gold medal win Hawaii.  There was a however a possibility of being invited as a wild card to the 2015 International Contest.  Phil was carefully watching and calculating scores during the few weeks of regional competitions around the world.  On May 21 we received the official invitation to compete in Las Vegas- and we accepted! 

All of the planning and discussion for this next big event is underway and we've proven to ourselves and to others that Rhythm has reached a level of skill and performance that has put us solidly on a world class level.  There will be more coaching, many more rehearsals and much more to learn as we continue this journey and our ride to the top and,  oh boy........what a ride it is!

Kathy Helfrick