Sing With Us

Open Call - Now Accepting Auditions!

Join Rhythm of the Rockies for ongoing auditions for talented singers July 19 to mid-September 2022. By appointment only - contact us at [email protected]
Discover what it means to sing a cappella harmony, while making lifelong friendships and memories.

What to expect
You'll learn a variety of songs, take part in weekly education classes, and learn from internationally acclaimed coaches.
Join us on Tuesdays, from 7pm to 10pm to experience our harmonies and become part of something extraordinary.
Rhythm of the Rockies meets at (but is not affiliated with):
The Performing Arts Youth Centre
1371 Hastings Crescent SE, Calgary
Guests and new members are always welcome! To check us out, email: [email protected]
Becoming a member
We are so happy you are checking our chorus out! We welcome new members from all backgrounds and walks of life! We embrace diversity. If you are considering becoming a performing member of Rhythm of the Rockies, here’s what we look for:
  • You need to be able to sing in tune
  • Audition after 4 weeks of training and guidance that we provide
  • Attend Tuesday evening rehearsals on a regular basis from 7 - 10 pm
  • Pay dues each month after becoming a member
  • Be positive, kind, and ready to focus - and enjoy!
Here is a brief description of what your first weeks may look like:
- At your first rehearsal, you will be "voice-placed" to determine what vocal part you are best suited to sing. You don't need to come prepared with any songs. In barbershop harmony, you will be either a Lead, which is the melody line, Tenor (high soprano), Baritone or Bass.
- After your voice placement, you will be given music and a temporary spot on the risers beside someone who sings the same part.
- The chorus will provide you with audio learning tracks so that you can practice at home (or in your car, at the park, or wherever you want to learn the music). 
- Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to practice singing the audition song on the risers with the chorus and in smaller groups.
- Then, should you choose to audition, you will be asked to sing the audition song in your part against the other three voice parts. It will be done in a small group and not in front of the chorus. 
- The audition requires showcasing your ability to learn the music, stay on pitch and  to sing along with 3 others who sing other harmonies. We are happy to help you out along the way. C
ome out and give it a try!


Email us to learn more!